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DANMED - treatment, prosthetics, dental implantation.

It is no secret that in the minds of most people, the thought of being in a dental chair firmly associated with feelings of fear and discomfort. Now imagine that the patients come from the dentist with a smile, and a visit to the doctor for them is not something scary and unpleasant. Just you came to the clinic DANMED.

Our clinic was founded in 1996, and more than 15 years, we care about the health and beauty of our patient's teeth. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience, allowing our patients to feel comfort and confidence.

Modern dentistry has long been relieved patients from the slightest pain during treatment, implantation prosthesis and in all other procedures. We keep up with the times, our dentists get new knowledge and technology in modern dentistry and do share them on the master-classes, workshops and conferences internationally.

Our clinic has an opinion that modern dentistry - it's cozy atmosphere, attentive staff, experienced dentists. This is an opportunity to get painless, high-quality and cost-affordable prosthetics and treatment with an individual approach to each patient.

Prosthetics is one of the most popular types of restoring teeth. The problem is not only in restoring lost or damaged teeth, but also the possibility to save remaining teeth.

Teeth need special care.

First of all: Do not forget about prevention - preventive examination of your teeth is required not less than every six months. After all, the on time timely detection of the initial manifestations of decay can be cured much easier than when the process of tooth decay has gone far enough. Also, it is important to remove odontolith in time, it will prevent gum disease.

For those who did not manage to keep their teeth, we provide all possible types of treatments.

A special place in this field of services we give to dental implantation.

Dental implants - this is perfect for people who have lost one or more teeth due to periodontal disease, injury or other reason. The essence of the implant is that in place of the missing tooth implant is installed - titanium replacement of the tooth that serves as the root. Implant is a titanium rod which simulates the root, on which the crown is installed. This artificial tooth looks no different from the natural.

Removal of flexibility of teeth by splinting.

Smile - it's a special gift, the outward sign of prosperity and happiness, therefore,
every day of our work we can make people a little happier.

And remember, a smile is 100% teeth!

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